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Embroidered items are perceived as classier and higher quality than screen printing. Although both screen printing and embroidery produce beautiful color imprinting, embroidery has precise and near-perfect quality. As a general rule embroidery is more expensive than silk screening and typically lasts longer than a screened image.

Our modern equipment is able to quickly convert your logo into a digitized image and thus has shortened the length of time required for embroidering most materials. There is a one-time charge is for digitizing the image so that our embroidery machine’s computer can read the file. Plus, the digital image will be saved on a disk for later use.
And remember, this logo belongs to you!

Embroidery acheives a beautiful, classy look over all other imprint methods


The cost of embroidery is based on the number of stitches used. Larger images mean more stitches, and more stitches raise the cost. However, using more stitches will increase the detail of the image, so it may be worth the extra money!

Any number of colors can be used without affecting the cost. While polyester thread is the default thread used for projects, we have other types available like metallic and matte threads that enhance your image even more.

When imprinting upon a rough surface or on a thick or fuzzy material (like fleece), embroidery is a better choice than screen printing. For a small quantity of promotional items such as a logo on a shirt pocket, a ball hat, or a uniform, embroidery is often the preferred choice.